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1st October 2006

Smartcanula LLC sponsors again a dedicated practical workshop with hands-on smart canula ® training during the 10th Heart Lab International meeting to be held in Zurich from October 18-22, 2006
For more informations check www.heartlab.org

1st September 2006

Smartcanula LLC participates again in the largest event in Europe for professionals in Cardio-thoracic Surgery. The European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery meets in Stockholm, 9-13 September 2006.

For more infos check www.eacts.org

In addition to to the original Venous smart canula ® and the Arterial smart canula ®, Smartcanula LLC will introduce the NEW Venous smart canula mini ®, which allows for full flow with remote cannulation and gravity drainage alone.

Furthermore, there will be a scientific presentation on SMALL VESSEL PERIPHERAL CANNULATION FOR CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE (Monday 11 September, 2006; Session 9, Room A3,15:15-17:00)


11th May 2006

New smart canula ® applications: A small 30F orifice in the right atrial wall is sufficient for clinical central venous cannulation based on the smart cannula principle. Full flow for cardiopulmonary bypass can be achieved by gravity drainage alon. Hence, compared to a traditional two stage venous cannula, the access orifice area necessary for cannulation of the right atrium can be reduced by up to 65%:


More on the most recent clinical results achieved with the smart canula ® will be presented at the 55th International Congress of The European Society for Cardio-Vascular Surgery at Pribaltiyskaya Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia, on May 11-14, 2006: http://www.escvsannualcongress.org/

15th March 2006

New clinical data about the benefits of the the  smart canula ® has been published by Jegger D. et al. in the European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery: EJCTS 2006; 29: 525-529. The main findings of this study include superior blood flow for the venous smart canula ® despite a smaller access aperture and lower pressure drop as compared to classic two stage venous cannulae. There was no difference between groups with regard to blood trauma.
For more informations check this link

17th February 2006

Smartcanula LLC will exhibit at the 55th International Congress of The European Society for Cardio-Vascular Surgery at Pribaltiyskaya Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia, on May 11-14, 2006.
New data about the use of the self expanding smart canula ® for small access (30F) central venous cannulation will be presented.
For more informations check www.escvs.org and www.escvsannualcongress.org

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